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I'm Tess Walsh, the head, hands, and heart behind Pseudogarden. I'm a graduate student living in Ontario, Canada. While I have been making jewelry for myself and others as a hobby for about 15 years, I am brand new to the idea of selling my wares. I design, make, and sell all the products on this site myself. I draw my inspiration from the beauty of form and function I find around me in the natural world, which I believe to be enhanced by a scientific understanding and perspective. In many areas of my life, I am far-future oriented in the extreme. I use creative expression and the appreciation of natural beauty to keep me grounded in the present reality.

Contact me @pseudogarden on Instagram, and follow to get ahead of the curve on upcoming pieces and deals.

Alternatively, search "Pseudogarden" on Facebook, or email pseudogarden@gmail.com

The items for sale on this site are all one of a kind and handmade by me. Any animal remains used are ethically sourced found-objects, aside from any leather, which was purchased as scraps from other retailers.